Become a CPA

High School Information

Information on the CPA Atlantic School of Business for high school educators. 

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What is a CPA?

(And what isn't?)

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  • Globally, there are many accounting designations recognized by the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC).

  • CPA Bermuda is affiliated with the Canadian CPA designation.

  • Over 900 members in Bermuda and over 210,000 members internationally with the Canadian CPA designation.

  • On its behalf, CPA Atlantic School of Business promotes and delivers the program in Atlantic Canada and Bermuda.

  • CPAs are one of a handful of "regulated" professions, such as doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc..

  • A CPA is not a degree, it's a business designation - and it is among the the world's largest and most prestigious.


5 Weird things

about CPA

1. They work in every single sector.
2. They work everywhere in the world.
3. They work in every type of role.
4. They have incredible job security.
5. They have the best opportunities to give back.

Yes, CPAs are paid well

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What to do while in high school?

Take any business courses your school offers.

Does your school have a business club? Join it!

Join a junior entrepreneur club or junior achievers. 

Choose a university or college program that covers most, or even all, of your CPA prerequisites as part of your degree or diploma.

What about while in university?

Join the commerce and business societies.

Take advantage of a co-op program.

Get to know your CPA profs (there are plenty!)

Start your CPA professional studies after graduation and be a CPA member before you're even 25 years old