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CPA Preparatory Courses

CPA PREP is a suite of 14 courses that provide specific subject area coverage for admission to the CPA Professional Education Program. 

PREP Course Calendar


Course Sequencing Requirements

If you are seeking admission to the CPA PEP but lack some or all of the necessary prerequisites for entry, you can take CPA preparatory courses to gain the knowledge requirements you are missing. You only have to complete the courses you require. 


The only academic prerequisite for admission to these courses is 30 credit hours completed at a recognized post-secondary institution or 3 years of relevant work experience, but there are internal sequencing requirements to be aware of as some courses are prerequisites for others. (See course sequencing requirements above.)

Please consult the Post-secondary Equivalencies Chart to see external courses that are eligible for exemption from CPA preparatory courses. 

The 14 CPA preparatory courses are delivered online through a blend of self-study and instructor-facilitated learning formats, and each course ends with an examination.  


The following courses are offered on a self-study basis. You must receive a grade of 50% or higher to successfully pass each course.

Courses include:

  • Introductory Financial Accounting (IFA) 

  • Introductory Management Accounting (IMA) 

  • Economics (ECO)

  • Statistics (STA)

  • Business Law (BUL)

  • Information Technology (ITE) 

Students are able to register for non-core CPA preparatory courses any day of the year, as these courses do not have specific start dates. After registering for the course, students have up to 12 months to complete the course exam (students can select one of the five examination dates that best meet their needs and schedules).



The following courses are led by instructors who are responsible for reviewing and providing feedback on course assignments and responding to student questions. You must receive a grade of 60% or higher to successfully pass each course, with an overall average of 65% in the course to pass each core course. 

Courses include:

  • Intermediate Financial Reporting 1 (IF1)

  • Intermediate Financial Reporting 2 (IF2)

  • Advanced Financial Reporting (AFR)

  • Corporate Finance (COF)

  • Audit and Assurance (AUA)

  • Taxation (TAX)

  • Intermediate Management Accounting (MAA)

  • Performance Management (PMA)

All core courses are delivered in a standardized format that includes six instructional weeks (minimum 60% required to pass) and a final exam week (minimum 50% required to pass). It will be assumed that the first available exam dates associated with the course will be your exam date; however, students have the opportunity to defer their desired exam date to a future exam offering with a 12-month period of the course start date (deferral fees may apply).


Beginning soon, students will be able to register for their desired preparatory course and examination separately – as per the PREP Course Calendar.




Nationally developed: These courses are developed by CPA Canada, and delivered regionally by CPA Atlantic School

Preparation: These courses are designed to prepare you for admission to the CPA PEP (along with a university degree)


Fast: The content of these 14 courses is condensed and accelerated, each followed by an examination. 


Flexible: You only need to complete those courses you require to qualify for admission to the CPA PEP. Courses are offered part-time. 


Accessible: CPA preparatory courses are coordinated with a set examination schedule of five exams per year. Students may take up to two exams per schedule examination offering. 


Affordable: Many CPA preparatory courses are comprised of one or more university-level equivalent courses, meaning many of the programs module offerings are considerably less-expensive than taking courses through a post-secondary institution. 


For more information on the content of the CPA preparatory courses, please reference the CPA preparatory course Syllabus.

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