Request an official Eligibility Review from the CPA Atlantic School of Business

The first step to beginning your CPA path is an official CPA Atlantic School Eligibility Evaluation.

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Once you've decided to pursue your CPA Path with CPA Atlantic, your first step will be to complete an Eligibility Request Form.

An eligibility evaluation will help the CPA Atlantic Registration and Pre-Certification Team determine what CPA programs you may be eligible for, as well as outline any prerequisite courses you will need to gain eligibility to the CPA Professional Education Program (CPA PEP). A CPA Atlantic School eligibility review is a mandatory component of the application process.

At this point in your CPA Path registration you need to have completed the following steps in order for CPA Atlantic to proceed with your eligibility request:

  1. For admission to the CPA preparatory courses:
    Have already completed 30 credit hours at a recognized post-secondary institution, or be a mature applicant that has at least three years of relevant work experience in any of the CPA technical competency areas:

    • financial reporting
    • audit & assurance
    • taxation, strategy & governance
    • management accounting finance
  2. For admission to CPA Professional Education Program (CPA PEP):
    A completed university degree in any discipline from a recognized post secondary institution

  3. Official transcripts and additional documents

    In order to properly evaluate an applicants request, CPA Atlantic must have proof of your studies/experience with official or interim unofficial transcripts and a letter of intent to graduate from you post-secondary institution. Applicants submitting unofficial transcripts are required to provide official transcripts upon their graduation.

    Please note that official transcripts are only considered official if they are provided in a sealed envelope or received directly from the issuing institution.

    For mature applicants, additional information is required. Please contact your regional CPA Student Recruitment Advisor for more details.

4. A World Education Services (WES) International Credential Advantage Package (ICAP) for applicants who have studied abroad.

Applicants who have earned their degree or studied abroad (outside of Canada, the US and Bermuda) must submit a WES ICAP evaluation to CPA Atlantic School. These documents provide the detailed analysis our Registration and Pre-certification team need to comparatively evaluate your international courses against CPA Canada's educational standards. WES is an independent, external organization. All applicable WES ICAP fees are to be paid to WES. Note that a detailed course syllabus will also be required for all relevant courses.

For more information and to apply, please visit

Note: Regardless of nationality or citizenship status, all applicants with transcripts from universities or colleges outside of Canada, Bermuda, or the US are subject to CPA Atlantic's international transcript evaluation fee, as well as a WES ICAP, for transcripts received from universities and colleges outside of Canada, Bermuda and the US, that have not previously been approved by a domestic university as part of a transfer or work- abroad program. All WES evaluation fees are third-party fees and payable to World Education Services.

5. Attached and/or sent payment for the CPA Atlantic Eligibility Request Form.

In order to expedite your request, CPA Atlantic requires that your payment arrive with, or shortly after, your submission of the Eligibility Request Form.

Note: missing payments, or incorrect payment amounts due to dollar exchange and/or application of the incorrect tax percentage, can interfere with the processing of your request and the release of the results of your evaluation. Applicants with transcripts from outside of Canada, Bermuda or the US are subject to an international transcript evaluation request fee. Visit our prep course Fees, CPA PEP Fees pages for details.

6. A signed, completed CPA Atlantic Eligibility Request Form.

For your request to be considered valid, you must fill-out all applicable information on the form and provide your signature to consent that you have read and understand the document.