CPA preparatory course Registration

Registration for CPA preparatory courses 2016-2017


  1. Submit and receive the results of your CPA Atlantic Transcript Evaluation Request Form
  2. Log into the CPA Atlantic self-serve portal and submit your registration
  3. Send payment for your registration and student dues to CPA Atlantic School of Business via one of the many payment options listed on the form


Depending on your CPA program path, there are sequencing requirements for the preparatory courses.

For those individuals looking to pursue the CPA Canada ACAF:
  • It is strongly recommended that the ACAF entry courses be completed before the ACAF technical courses
  • All ACAF entry and technical courses must be completed prior to enrolling in the ACAF applied courses


Additional information:
  • If you are a foreign national residing in Canada, the federal department of Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada requires a study permit for any courses taking longer than 6 (six) months to complete
  • Exam locations for CPA preparatory courses are determined by volume of students in the appointed exam sites across Atlantic Canada and Bermuda. Students may be required to travel for their examination as a result. Alternatively, students may schedule their exams in any of the designated exam locations, regardless of their address.
  • Course schedules and dates may be subject to change. Please see the updated CPA preparatory course calendar for more information.
  • There are no books for the preparatory courses. All learning materials are provided online through the eLearning portal Desire2Learn (D2L).