CPA Preparatory Course Calendar

CPA Atlantic CPA preparatory course calendars


Non-core courses

Beginning semester 1 2020, open registration is available for non-core CPA preparatory courses. 

The exam registration deadline for non-core prep courses is six (6) weeks before the course exam, with study time for non-core courses being approximately 200 hours. Students should ensure they register with ample time to complete course content prior to writing the exam.

Course content will be accessible to students within one week of CPA Atlantic School processing the payment of all student fees (course fees, annual student dues, etc.).

Core courses

Starting in the second semester of 2020, students will be responsible for registering for core preparatory courses and the course exam separately. 

The estimated study time for core courses is 20 - 25 hours per week.

Course registration is available now on the CPA Atlantic School self-serve portal, with exam registration being available via the self-serve in early 2020 (students are required to inform the Manager, Student Services of their intended exam date when they receive access to their course content).

Exam registration and deferrals

Each course fee includes one exam registration. If a student wishes to move their exam date once they have already registered, they will incur the exam deferral fee (see the “Programs Fee” page on our website). In accordance with the CPA Canada Harmonized Education Policies (CPA HEP) students can only defer the exam registration once per course.

Students are required to attempt the course-end examination within one year of a course’s start date (for non-core courses, this is defined as the exam registration deadline). Failure to write the exam in this timeframe will result in the student being charged with an attempt at the course. There are three (3) attempts allowed per course.



Last updated March 26, 2020