CPA PEP Registration

Registration for CPA PEP modules


  1. Submit and receive the results of your CPA Atlantic Eligibility Review Form
  2. Complete your CPA PEP Registration via the self-serve portal
  3. Send payment for your one-time CPA PEP licensing fee, and candidate dues to CPA Atlantic School of Business via one of the many payment options listed on the form


  • CPA Atlantic candidates may register for the 16-month Path which begins in May, the 21-month Path which begins in January, or the 25-month Path, which begins in September. All three paths contains the same curriculum and lead to a September Common Final Examination (CFE). Candidates may choose to switch paths to better suit their personal needs.
  • CPA PEP consists of six modules that continuously build knowledge and skill, and as such must be taken consecutively in order. With the exception that candidates are permitted to take their electives concurrently, should they wish.
  • Candidates have a choice of two electives out of four: Performance Management, Taxation, Audit & Assurance and Finance. Candidates planning to work in public accounting must take Taxation and Audit & Assurance as their electives.
  • Candidates can track their practical experience up to 12 months before beginning CPA PEP, during, and/or up to seven years after the program. Candidates do not need to be employed to begin their CPA PEP studies.
  • Each module ends in an examination. CPA candidates must pass each module examination to proceed to the next module.
  • Candidates are allowed three attempts to pass the common final examination (CFE). A fourth attempt may be granted with special permission.
  • Candidates have the option to defer their course should they need to. Note: there are correlating administrative fees for deferrals and withdraws, please see here for more details.
  • CPA PEP Candidates may apply transfer to another CPA School of Business within Canada, but are subject to that school's administrative fees.
  • Foreign nationals residing in Canada must have both a study and work permit for the duration of the program, under Citizen and Immigrations Canada (CIC).
  • Exam and workshop locations for CPA PEP are scheduled across the Atlantic Region. The availability of exams/workshops in some locations are subject to change due to enrollment numbers. Students may be required to travel for their examination as a result. Alternatively, students may schedule their exams in any of the designated exam locations, regardless of their address or province of residence.
  • Course schedules and dates may be subject to change. Please see the updated CPA PEP Schedules for more details.
  • There are no books for CPA PEP. All learning materials are provided online through the eLearning portal Desire2Learn (D2L).