Legacy Transitioning Student Deadlines

Important details on deadlines for meeting degree and practical experience deadlines for those transitioning from legacy designations.

As a student who was previously enrolled in, or is currently completing, a legacy CA, CGA, or CMA program, the CPA profession has important information to share with you regarding your pathway to become a Chartered Professional Accountant.

The link to the Transition Student Guidelines below contains important degree, practical experience, and education completion deadlines. Please ensure you review these carefully.  The Guidelines lay out the consequences tied to not adhering to these deadlines (these can include failure to earn your designation, being removed from the certification program and losing any existing transition rights).

The Transition Student Guidelines are categorized based on the certification requirements that were not completed in the legacy program:

  • Completed legacy education, but outstanding degree and/or practical experience requirements: For students who completed the education requirements in a legacy program but have not completed the degree and/or practical experience requirements for legacy certification.
  • Transitioned to CPA Professional Education Program (CPA PEP): For students who did not complete their legacy education and transitioned to the CPA Professional Education Program (CPA PEP).
  • Transitioned to CPA preparatory courses (formerly CPA PREP): For students who did not complete their legacy education and transitioned to the CPA preparatory courses

In short summary, the Guidelines highlight the following:
1)    Registration status: students must have their dues paid in full at all times to maintain their legacy transitioning rights.
2)    The deadline to complete legacy practical experience is September 1, 2018.
3)    The deadline to complete any legacy degree requirements is June 30, 2020.

We strongly suggest that you review these details in full, via the link below.

The CPA profession is committed to ensuring that education and experience completed towards a legacy designation will be recognized towards the CPA designation within the timeframes outlined.

If you have any question regarding your transition status, please contact:

Jason Varner   CPA, CA
Director, Pre-certification and Registrar, CPA Atlantic School of Business

CPA Canada Transition Student Guidelines