Exam Rewrites and Secondary Fees

Secondary fees associated with CPA Atlantic examinations

CPA preparatory course students in courses 5.1-10, may request a rewrite a module exam if their final course grade falls within the range of 50-59 per cent.

Students who fail a module, with a mark below 50 per cent, must retake the course should they wish to write the exam again.

Students taking module 1-4 and 11-12 are not permitted to rewrite exams and must retake the module.

CPA PEP candidates who fail a module exam will be given the choice to retake the course (at an additional fee) or rewrite the exam at its next offering (at an additional fee). If the candidate fails the second attempt, the candidate is required to retake the module in order to have a third and final attempt at the examination.

Candidates that fail the first attempt with a mark less than 50% must retake the module before a second attempt at the examination is permitted.

Note: CPA preparatory course students who fail their third and final attempt at a module examination must continue their prerequisite studies with a post-secondary institution.

Visit our CPA Atlantic secondary program fees section for more details on rewrite and secondary fees.


Send a formal request addressed to the Manager, Student Services at lmurphy@cpaatlantic.ca