Deferrals and Withdraws

Students may choose to defer or withdraw from a course at anytime

Students and Candidates may choose to defer or withdraw from a module at anytime during their studies. In special circumstances, students in CPA preparatory courses and candidates in CPA PEP can temporarily withdraw from each program for a maximum two years in total. While they are withdrawn, students/candidates do not have access to program course materials.

In extenuating circumstances, whereby something prevents a student from writing their module exam on the scheduled date, they may request an examination deferral to be approved by the CPA Atlantic Programs Coordinator and the Director of Pre-certification. If the request is approved and the student does not attempt the next offering, they fail the module and an attempt is charged.

CPA PEP candidates who have completed the module assignments and completed the workshop in the core and elective modules can choose not to write the module-end examination and defer writing the examination until the next regional examination offering.

Note: there are applicable administrative penalty fees that corresponds to the student's progress and standing within the program.

Please see our Registration Forms, Fees, and Schedules  section for fees relating to deferral and withdrawal


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