In classroom offering of Intermediate Financial Reporting I

CPA Atlantic is launching an in-class option for Intermediate Financial Reporting I in Halifax in the 2019 spring semester.

In-class offering of CPA preparatory course Intermediate Financial Reporting I now available in Halifax.


CPA Atlantic is pleased to announce the availability of an in-classroom option for Intermediate Financial Reporting I for the spring semester of 2019 in Halifax, NS.

This face-to-face, in-class option will provide students increased flexibility in selecting the learning style of their choice. The long-term availability of this course option is subject to review by CPA Atlantic.

Interested in this option? We’d encourage you to reach out to your regional Student Recruitment Advisor.

Benefits of the in-class option include:
•    A more formalized course structure helps students stay on-track and motivated,
•    Peer networking and study opportunities that come from classroom learning,
•    A direct and in-person connection with the instructor,
•    Opportunity for a deeper dive into the technical content,
•    Questions on materials are dealt with in real-time,
•    A hands-on approach to learning.

Course details

Course duration, content and the final exam date remain the same as the online offering. The in-class sessions run over six consecutive weekends. Classroom sessions are scheduled for the following dates

Spring semester in-class sessions:                    
Saturday, March 30
Saturday, April 6
Saturday, April 13
Saturday, April 27
Saturday, May 4
Saturday, May 11
Final exam: Friday, May 24

NOTE: Attendance in all in-person classroom sessions is mandatory.

Students are subject to the existing attendance and withdrawal policies outlined in the CPA Canada Harmonized Education Policies, and the fees as detailed online with CPA Atlantic.

Moving between the online and in-person course offerings

Prior to the course starting, students may change between course offerings once. However, once the course begins, if a student wishes to move between the online and in-class versions, they are subject to CPA Atlantic’s course deferral fee, will be withdrawn from that course, and required to enroll in the next semesters offering of the course (the course calendar for all CPA preparatory courses can be found online).

Next steps

If you’ve had your eligibility confirmed and require Intermediate Financial Reporting I, you can register online via our self-serve portal. Be advised that access to course content is granted by CPA Canada and is typically made available the week prior to the course start date.


When will the in-class option be available?
The in-class offering in Halifax, NS commence March 30, 2019

What does the in-class offering look like?
The course content, duration and final exam date are the same as the online course offering. There will be the same two-part course project (completion is required to be successful in the course). What is different with this pilot offering is the availability of face-to-face, in-class sessions. These will run over six, consecutive Saturdays and will be all-day classroom sessions with appropriate breaks provided.

Do I need to attend all the in-class sessions?
It is important to note that all in-class sessions are considered mandatory, and absences will only be accepted with the permission of the Director, Pre-Certification & Registrar. It’s important to note that for these offerings to take place a minimum number of registrants will be required, so it is important to submit your registration as soon as possible.

Am I able to switch between the online offering and the in-class sessions?
Prior to the course start-date, you may switch once between the type of course offered (multiple moves between course offerings will not be permitted). Note that once the course begins, students wishing to move between the online and in-class versions must pay the deferral fee, withdraw from their current offering, and will need to enroll in the next offering of the course in the following semester.

Who is eligible to enroll in the in-class offering?
Any student with a completed CPA transcript evaluation who requires the completion of Intermediate Financial Reporting I is eligible to enroll. Please note that any expenses or costs incurred in traveling to the in-class sessions will be the sole responsibility of the student.

Students taking the online option have access to webinars. Will students in the in-class offering have access to those as well?
No, the weekly in-class sessions replace the weekly webinars.

Does the in-class option require me to purchase text books?

No. All course content, regardless of the offering, is provided online by CPA Canada via the D2L online learning platform. Note that access to content is granted by CPA Canada and is typically released to students in the week prior to the course start. Students enrolled in the in-class version will also have access to all course discussion boards, and online course support from their instructor. The instructor may also use their discretion and offer virtual office hours.

The online option requires a PC-based computer. Is that the same for the in-class offering?

Yes. All students are required to adhere to the technology requirements outlined in the CPA Canada Harmonized Education Policies, regardless of the course offering. Students taking the in-class option are required to bring their laptop with them to class.

What are my next steps?

Ensure you’ve had a CPA transcript evaluation completed, and need to take Intermediate Financial Reporting I. If you haven’t already done this, contact your regional CPA Student Recruitment Advisor for information on how to complete your evaluation. If you have a CPA transcript evaluation, and you require Intermediate Financial Reporting I, you can register online via our self-serve portal. If you have questions on your registration contact