CPA PEP Fast Track

CPA PEP Candidates now have the option to enroll in Core 1 and Core 2 at the same time.


CPA Atlantic offers Fast Track Path for CPA PEP candidates

Be advised that CPA Atlantic School of Business offers candidates the ability to complete Core 1 and Core 2 of the CPA PEP at the same time. This option is designed for candidates able to study on a full-time basis between May and July, 2018.

The Fast Track Path applies to completing Core 1 and Core 2 simultaneously. Candidates could always complete electives simultaneously, and can continue to do so, or take their electives individually.


Admission to the Fast Track Path is at the discretion of the Director, Pre-Certification and Registrar.

An entrance interview, along with a demonstrated ability to devote full-time study over the 8-week time-frame, will be required (typically, this means not working during those 8-weeks).


Those taking the Fast Track Path must still complete all the existing components of the CPA PEP. Core 1, Core 2 and the two CPA PEP electives must be completed to begin Capstone 1. Individuals would be able to work full-time prior to the beginning of Capstone 1.

By successfully completing this schedule, the CPA PEP will take approximately 17 months to complete, making candidates eligible to write the September 2019 offering of the CPA Common Final Examination (CFE).

Note that enrollment in the Fast Track Path does not change the mandatory 30-months of practical experience required to receive the CPA designation.

Please be advised that candidates wishing to follow this revised path will adhere to the following CPA PEP module offerings:  

Candidates following the Fast Track Path are not required to enroll in electives immediately after having completed Core 1 and Core 2 together, and can follow various paths of study within the total time allotted for program completion. As with all CPA PEP workshops and orientation sessions, attendance at the in-person sessions is mandatory, and all course work must be submitted as indicated in the CPA Canada PEP Candidate Guide.

For a full schedule of CPA PEP courses, please refer to the CPA PEP Course Calendar.


Candidates pursuing the CPA PEP Fast Track Path should know that this is an intensive study option that requires an extensive time commitment, and will involve a dedicated, full-time focus to their studies for the 8-week period. The number of study hours per week will vary between candidates.

Candidates should note that following this path will constitute an attempt at completing each of the CPA PEP Core modules. Candidates must successfully complete both Core 1 and Core 2 prior to being eligible to register for their electives (this would include attempts at Core module re-writes). Current policies on deferrals and withdrawals apply to the Fast Track Path, and can be found on our website.

Candidates or employers seeking additional details on the Fast Track Path can contact:

Jason Varner CPA, CA
Director of Pre-Certification and Registrar, CPA Atlantic School of Business, or 902.334.1170.